Paving a Better Road to Success for ALL Children :

New Report Shows Wisconsin in Need of Dramatic Improvement on Racial Equity As the United States continues to become a more diverse nation, much work remains to be done toward ensuring that all children, regardless of their race or ethnicity, have the opportunity to thrive. And Wisconsin has more work

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Interview with Erica Nelson, Project Director

In a recent interview with The Cap Times, our Project Director Erica Nelson expressed her personal motivations to reduce racial disparities. Erica discussed her desires to build a brighter future for her own children and for other children of color in both our community and across Wisconsin. Read the full text of the interview here.

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Baseline Report Presentation

On October 2nd 2013, the Race to Equity project released our baseline report on racial disparities in Dane County.  Watch a video of Project staff Erica Nelson and Torry Winn presenting the report at the 2013 YWCA Racial Justice summit here. Video courtesy of  YWCA Madison and Madison City Channel.

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E-newsletter August 2013

Dear Friends, Welcome to the first edition of the Race to Equity e-newsletter, which is designed to keep our friends informed, connected, and engaged about current events and upcoming opportunities. Thank You!

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Racial Justice Summit 2013

Summit to examine local racial disparities Profound and persistent racial disparities in health, education, child welfare, criminal justice, employment, and income are common across the United States and in Wisconsin.

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Trayvon Martin’s story…

Trayvon Martin’s Story Resonates with Young, Black Men in Madison The country is buzzing with talk about racial profiling since the acquittal Saturday of George Zimmerman in the killing of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Florida.

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