July 27, 2015

Madison365: A New Voice for Madison

Race to Equity invites our supporters to follow Madison365, a new media outlet created to serve Madison’s communities of color.  Below is a description taken from their Facebook page:

“Madison365 is a nonprofit new media enterprise intended to keep Greater Madison’s communities of color informed, and to report news from their perspective. We will ensure that all voices are heard, because all voices matter.

We intend to use excellent multimedia journalism to dig deeply into the issues within and between communities of color, and the rifts between minorities and the majority culture. The conversations we start will not always be comfortable. We believe tension and disagreement, when coupled with respect, will lead to positive change.

Madison365 will go beyond simply informing Madison on what is happening in its community of color. It will provide ways and means to actively get involved in these communities, foster deep and meaningful discussion, and begin to develop real solutions for our city. Madison365 will dig deep into our often overlooked and neglected communities and be a catalyst for change.

People want to talk, and people want to act. At the moment there is no forum for all communities of color to join with the majority community in productive, respectful dialog. No media outlets are able or willing to pursue the issues deeply. Very few local journalists come from communities of color.

Madison’s communities of color want and deserve a well-rounded media outlet of their own. In addition to applying our excellent brand of journalism to the difficult issues, we will cover sports, entertainment and lifestyle topics from the perspective of the community.

Madison365 will be the community’s media outlet. It will be funded and guided by members of the community, with additional funding from sponsors, grants and events.”

Madison365 Facebook
Madison365 Website