January 28, 2016

Racial Equity Community Impact

The Racial Equity Community Impact list is a preliminary compilation of over 125 racial equity initiatives that have been implemented throughout Dane County since the release of the Race to Equity Baseline Report. The list is comprised of initiatives developed by the Madison and Dane County governments, non-profit organizations, schools, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the private sector, the arts community, faith-based organizations, foundations, and the media. Read the full Community Impact list.

This list is not exhaustive and represents preliminary efforts to capture a broad overview of the initiatives that have been developed in our community. In its current form, the list emphasizes efforts aimed at reducing disparities faced by African-American families in Dane County, as this population was the focus the report. However, there are many similar initiatives going on in communities and organizations all over the county, and we need the community’s help to improve this list. Please let Race to Equity know of these initiatives by visiting Race to Equity’s website and submitting any racial equity initiatives or policy reforms that aren’t included in this list.

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