September 13, 2013

Racial Justice Summit 2013

Summit to examine local racial disparities
Profound and persistent racial disparities in health, education, child welfare, criminal justice, employment, and income are common across the United States and in Wisconsin.

These racial disparities compromise the life chances of many children and families and undermine our common interest that every child grows up healthy, safe and successful. Unfortunately, research reveals that these life-compromising disparities are wider here in Dane County than in most parts of the state and the nation. In order to continue to call attention to the lived experience of all Dane County residents, the YWCA Madison is partnering with the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families’ (WCCF) Race to Equity project to release their disparities report at the 2013 Racial Justice Summit. The Wisconsin Council on Children and Families (WCCF) aspires to make a greater contribution to narrowing and ultimately eliminating racial disparities in Wisconsin.  They are beginning with a multi-year “Project to Reduce Racial Disparities in Dane County” and hope subsequently to move into a broader effort to reduce racial disparities across Wisconsin.

The 12th Annual Racial Justice Summit: Race to Equity will be held on October 2nd at the Concourse Hotel. Featured keynote speakers are Angela Glover Blackwell, CEO of PolicyLink, discussing America’s Tomorrow: Equity is the Superior Growth Model; and Eddie Moore Jr., discussing 21st Century Leadership and Diversity: Are We Ready? Also joining the conference will be some of the nation’s foremost thinkers on racial disparities and leading local advocates for greater racial equity here in Wisconsin.

In addition, the YWCA Madison and WCCF will host a free Pre-Summit reception on October 1 at the new Central Madison Public Library. In partnership with the City of Madison and Madison Public Libraries, this reception will highlight visual and performing arts of a diverse group of young Dane County artists, and it will offer opportunities for Summit attendees to be inspired by the young people who have both the most to gain and to lose in the face of these disparities.

Please join us to be part of the process to make Madison and Dane County one of the best places to live for all of our neighbors. Let’s work to become the kind of community that we already imagine ourselves to be.

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